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J-Man Radio
Indie Artists & Bands 


the artist and bands below have contacted us to play their tracks in the past  and is in our current rotation of music  and in radio shows. 

click on photo to go to artist website!

Audrey Callahan
Christina Grimmie (R.I.P.)
Emma McGann
Celeste Kellogg
Brandon Maddox
Frank Palangi
The Darren Holland Project
Ray Acevedo
Maria Diebolt
Jon Magnusson
Tiffany Ponce
Jeff Hayes
Morgan Dawson
Chad Carrier
Alyssa Lynn
Weston Simonis
Laura Walsh
Abi Ann
Brooke Washor
Robbie Maroon
Summer Lee Carlson
Vincent Rutley
Jennifer Mlott

if you are a Indie artist or band and want us to play your songs make sure to submit your songs down below to us for consideration, thank you!

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