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1. STOP MEANS STOP: if someone tells you to stop something then you stop if you don't stop you will get a warning if you get 2 warnings you will be banned!

2. NO GIFS / PICS : please don't add any pics or gifs in chat these are not allowed due to safety reasons

3. NO DRAMA : absolutely no drama isn't allowed if any one starts drama they will receive 1 warning if they don't listen to staff member they will be banned from chat room forever!

4. NO SPAM/ OR SELF PROMO OR POLITICS: please don't put spam or any self promotion or politics  including other radio show links or anything in our chat these type of conversations are never fun

5. HAVE FUN: we want you to have a fun experience in our chat room but if you have any problems feel free to let our staff members know on our contact page or in a chat message

Thank you

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