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Helen Counts Wins Countdown Making JMR History

Helen Counts is our new champion and winner of the 2022 Indie Top 15 Countdown read on to know who the other winner is and all the details


We are excited to announce that Indie artist Helen Counts becomes our new winner and champion of the 7th Indie Top 15 Countdown of the year of 2022 and becomes first LGBTQ person to win any countdown on J-Man Radio with her song 'That Look' with 13,627 votes having 55 % of all votes that we as a station reached a milestone of over 22,000 votes in total making JMR history. She was interviewed by DJ J-Man during the post show after the countdown aired and you can check it out here

Check out what she said about her winning and her experience

"I am honored to both win the countdown and to be the first LGBTQ person to do so. I am in outstanding company with so many talented musicians involved in the event. It has been a very fun experience, and I appreciate all your hard work organizing it."


Brooke Washor finishes runner-up in the countdown becoming the first artist to have a debut song finish second place in any countdown on J-Man Radio for her song 'Lost Cause' with 7,147 votes , she receives a certificate and Interview!

Check out what she said after she won a certificate

"I am so grateful to have been a part of such an awesome experience with talented artists who all share a passion for music. Placing runner up is a very bittersweet feeling and I am eternally grateful for everyone who took the time to vote!"


The countdown will be replaying on Friday 12/2/22 after Free For All with Rob Charles at 7pm MST and on 12/31/22 during the countdown marathon special

the countdown recording is also available on Soundcloud here

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