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JMR Welcomes New Format

We are excited to announce our new format starting this week you will now hear Alternative , Pop , and any kind of Indie artists and bands on the station, after we saw some rating results over the course of 5 months and knew that Indie Star Radio was closing their doors we knew that we wanted to become your new favorite Alt, Pop, indie station supporting indie artists more than ever before and bringing you the best in alternative and the pop music favorites! We are teaming up with Belter Radio to bring you more indie radio shows and presenters since they won’t be able to be played or heard in US, they are coming here to J-Man Radio soon. We want you to check it out and let us know what you think, that means that Rob Charles “All About The 80’s” and “Free For All” will be cancelled and moved to a new home station as of this week but MFZ will stay generic in weekly rotation!

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