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Mx The American & Frank Palangi Wins Greatest Top 15 Countdown 2023

Mx The American becomes the first band to win a countdown, Frank Palangi becomes the next male artist to win since 2017! Congratulations to both!

Greatest Top 15 Countdown kicked off with Jordan sharing history of the show, it was the 8th countdown in J-Man Radio history, the second one to be in this format.

Frank Palangi becomes the next male champion to win a countdown since Brandon Maddox in 2017 with his song Fall From Grace with 113 votes during the first half of the show.

Mx the American band wins the second half of the show with their song Cut The Lights Out with 241 votes and becomes the first band to win a countdown on J-Man Radio!


Christina Grimmie Award Winner

Brittany Nichole (Mikayla)

Brittany Nichole becomes the first winner of The Christina Grimmie Award and was awarded this award during the halftime show of Greatest Top 15 Countdown, she did a acceptance speech and thanked her parents, creator and J-Man Radio for the support and opportunity!

Check out the full recording playback of the show on SoundCloud here

The format of the show will be changing back to Top 10 Countdown starting in 2024, where only one winner will be crowned! Jordan says that this will give more artists and bands a chance to be in the countdown and most likely to get their first win, if a winner wins 2 years in a row they won't be able to compete in the next years!

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