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  • Where can I follow J-Man Radio at on social media?
    you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube , Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify Facebook: /JManRadio/ Instagram: @jmanradioaz YouTube: Twitter: @jmanradioaz SoundCloud: Spotify:
  • Do you have a mobile app?
    Currently no, but most of our radio directories offer mobile app listening just download their app and in app search for J-Man Radio!
  • is it free to sign up to the JMR Newsletter ? if so what offers do you offer for it?
    Yes it's free to sign up and you will get monthly newsletters for station updates and special events that may happen during the year and sometimes free goodies are added in as well!
  • If I want to become a Radio Host where do I go to get signed up ?
    Hi, please note that all of our positions are voluntary basis right now if you want to become a radio host you can go to the Contact page to contact us!
  • Is it free to listen and submit my songs?
    YES 10000% FREE to listen to our stream and to submit songs to us for consideration we offer FREE airplay and FREE support for all Indie artists and bands from around the world! check out our Submit Your Music page to see our rules
  • How can I submit my music at if I am a Indie artist / band?
    We love supporting all indie artist and bands here at J-Man Radio you can submit your songs in MP3 format with album cover art to our artists page or submit your music page or contact us if you have any questions Artists page : Submit Your Music page : Contact page :
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