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What you get if you
choose us!

  • you will get included as  a nominee in award shows and countdown specials each year.

  • you will be given  digital awards and exposure on the internet.

  • we offer FREE airplay and FREE experience on our radio network!

  • you will get a Interview either on a podcast or radio show!

Submit Your Music

Before you can submit your music for consideration make sure that they are tagged correctly so our system will be able to play them right and get the music royalties from our stream provider!​

  •  with album cover art

  •  title of song and artist

  • in MP3 or M4A formats 

You are now ready to submit if you have checked everything before submitting , if your ready go to contact page to find contact options.

to send us your tracks click on blue button to upload your songs you have to sign up as a member of the website it's free go to our Contact page if you have issues or questions.

the blue upload button is in beta - use with caution!

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