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Our Story

Started Off As A Dream

J-Man Radio started off as a dream a hobby that turned into a reality after the first logo was created at East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) by the multimedia class In 2014 where our Owner Jordan Adler studied all aspects of Radio Broadcasting at for two and half years that helped get his dream career started!

The Beginning

J-Man Radio was launched on Janaury 3 of 2015 by Jordan Adler. Fresh off of Cyber FM airwaves, Jordan started researching 'how to create radio stations' and found Caster FM as a streaming provider, on January 3,2015 J-Man Radio had it's first show live on Caster FM and started a 15 hour stream playing just 70's 80's 90's . As the weeks and months went by we started having listeners outside of the U.S. in the U.K. demanding us to get a 24/7 stream and on our 1st birthday we did just that. We got our first Indie artist send us their music at the end of 2015 and started playing Indie and variety.

2016-2018 Award Show Celebrations + Logo Change  

J-Man Radio started having award shows to help support the artists succeed.  J-Man Radio Awards was created in 2017, also the Top 10 Countdown was created in 2016, we also had some celebration events which was private at the studios of J-Man Radio that which included performances,food and live broadcasts !

J-Man Radio went through some logo changes over the years, we loved every single one of them but we had to change the logo, here is the logos that we had all listed down below!

jmanradio logo with black background with blue and red

First Indie Artists Airplay

audrey callahan
mindy braasch

J-Man Radio started helping indie artists with airplay back in 2015 and the first artist to contact us was Pop Artist Mindy Braasch we started playing her songs afterwards, then Pop Artist Audrey Callahan contacted us to play her songs via Twitter we interviewed her and started playing her tracks. Country Artist Ashley Taylor contacted us to play her songs and we did a podcast interview with her before we played her songs!

Today and Beyond

jman radio logo

J-Man Radio took a year off of the air and relaunched on January 23,2022 with a brand new logo and management help .We are glad to be back here ready to help Indie artist and bands worldwide while playing the coolest alternative music!

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