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J-Man Radio News is Back!

J-Man Radio News with Jordan Adler may be making a comeback after all - read more in article!


We are proud to announce that 'J-Man Radio News' is back with radio host, podcaster Jordan Adler in more ways than you think. Star Media recently revealed the new podcast page for J-Man Podcast Network will be the home of new and old show archives from 2015 to present there will be a separate podcast page as well with, more people are listening to podcasts than live content these days so they think it will bring in more people to enjoy indie music and what the station as to offer!

J-Man Radio News will start off as a weekly series on Fridays and will be available as a audio only and reel / video later on YouTube and the audio version will be on the J-Man Podcast Network, this news podcast will include stories about indie artists and the feel good news that everyone loves, it will not include drama stories or include any defamation allegations allowing it to be a COOL G rated show! J-Man Radio News is set to be tapping soon, keep watch to know when and where!

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